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  • Do you get stressed by thinking about hosting a dinner party?
  • Does the thought of the preparation, menu selection, and cooking leave you in a cold sweat?
  • Have you always wanted to have a dinner party, but don’t think you have the right skills?
  • Have you previously tried hosting a dinner party, only for it to end in disaster?
  • Do your friends always invite you but you are too nervous to return the invitation?

If these sound familiar then this is the ideal book for you.  Impress without Stress with the Swashbuckler Way is the definitive guide to hosting the perfect dinner party without the stress and complications we believe are involved in organising a great evening.


In this book You Will Learn...

  • The safest way to cut food

    In essence, you want to hold the food in a way that your finger tips are nowhere near to the knife

  • Which basic ingredients to always have at home

    It’s actually quite surprising how small this set needs to be, as a number of items always seem to show up in every recipe.

  • Classic flavour combinations

    There are a great number of foods that combine well with others and as such have become almost inseparable.

  • What equipment is really needed

    You only need a few basic pieces and with these, wonderful meals can be created

  • Easy menu planning

    The most important thing when planning a menu is to keep it as simple as possible.

  • Essential time management

    In simple terms, you need to know how long everything will take to both prepare and cook.

  • And many more good hints and tips.


It's often easy to avoid hosting a dinner party because apart from any concerns you may have about the stress involved, the idea can sometimes seem just too formal and not the sort of evening that people will enjoy. This couldn't be further from the truth, as all of us love to gather socially and if there is food involved, it makes the whole occasion complete.

By working through the various methods in the book, you will find yourself cooking more often, and the result of this will be that you will gain greater confidence in your whole approach to food and cooking.  This confidence can then be applied to not only hosting a dinner party, but you will be able to adapt the techniques to other areas of your life.

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Fiona Green

Thanks for helping me organise my first dinner party. There were a few small issues, but knowing what to do really helped.

Fiona Green,

Thanks so much for the advice. It's easy to follow and makes the planning a lot more simple.

Paul Cameron
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